Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dear Beckie

Dear Beckie,
                      Thanks so much for bringing back a little bit of Iceland to your shop, even if you had it hidden on a bottom shelf at the back of the store. Maybe you were hoarding it for your own personal use. I'd understand if that happens to be the case, because this stuff is totally magic. With just ONE!! small ball 50g ball of this, that I bought one week ago,

Icelandic laceweight in colour 9044--purple.
I designed and made this. (Yes, it features the Wheatsheaves lace pattern, which happens to be a version of "Aran Wheatears" from Martha Waterman's book on lace shawls.)

This is definitely lace blocking weather. The scarf/shawlette (ugh! I hate that word) is drying so quickly I've had to spritz it as I work to keep it damp. The wool, originally so crisp it felt like linen, has transformed itself into a froth of softness. Now, off to write up this fun little pattern, and knit a second as a test knit. If you had any hope of holding onto your stash of this amazing yarn, I think it just dissolved. I'll be back soon for more,
P.S. It was a close call. I held my breath during the binding off. This is all that was left.