Friday, April 10, 2015


I've just finished a new Harriet's Jacket, in Osprey, colour "Marsh". This is a wonderful shade of green, maybe olive, but in this context I like to think of it as loden.

It's a curiously neutral colour, and I can imagine it worn with everything from navy and grey to red. To maintain the mood, I've sewn on these pewter-looking buttons ornamented with leaping hounds.

This jacket will be on display at the Rosehaven Yarns booth at the upcoming Knitters' Frolic in Toronto, where you can purchase Quince yarns. The Osprey yardage is surprisingly good; I used only 6 skeins to make this size 36 jacket (OK, my sleeves are a bit shorter than the pattern called for due to my height, or lack therof), so this turns out to be quite economical despite the appalling exchange rate on our Canadian dollar. Drop by the booth, try on the jacket if you like, and give this buttery smooth wool a try.