Monday, June 15, 2015

Edgewater Collection

It may be late spring/early summer, but I'm busy getting my new Edgewater Collection ready to come out next fall. This little pile of folded items is part (only part!) of it.

The plan is to bring the garments out individually, then once they are all published on Ravelry, to offer them in book format at a price less than the cost of the total. Many of the pieces are knitted in Quince and Co's line of basic wools, but some are done up in other yarns, including handspun. I've spent the last few days whiling the time away while our dining room floor is being re-done (with 19th-century pine) spinning up some of Malabrigo's Nube on my top-whorl spindle for a tam.

I know it seems idiotish (a word I love from Georgette Heyer's novels), but I absolutely adore working with my own handspun. I love the thick/thin quality of it, and the soft blend of colours. The knitting portion of this project takes only one day of on-again-off-again knitting--the perfect sort of piece for a last-minute gift. But, really, I don't think I could part with this particular hat. This one is for me!