Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Colonel Mustard and a Serendipitous Traffic Stop

On my last trip to Rosehaven Yarns I couldn't resist this sock yarn from BohoKnits.

The yarn is "Ramble" and the colourway is "Colonel Mustard", as in the character from the board game "Clue". Love it! The pattern is from my upcoming Edgewater Knits collection--Snakes and Ladders. Hmm, seems like there's a board game theme here.
See the wrapper for a viola da gamba string in the background? This morning I took part in a gamba workshop given by Ann Marie Morgan, visiting us from south of the border to play a concert at St. George's Cathedral tomorrow. In case you missed it, here's a reminder of what a treble viol looks like (from Knitty Spring, 2013).

Quite a few knitters (notably from Germany) wrote to me when that issue came out to ask if it was a tenor viol. The answer is no; I'm small, and my treble is quite large. It's a sort of optical illusion. And in case you wonder just what viol players play, go here to listen to a very professional rendition of the piece we were working on today.
On my way to the workshop, I stopped at a red light at the intersection of University Avenue and Union Street. There was a large group of cyclists, all wearing matching jerseys making their way through the intersection with the assistance of people with signs. Then, I remembered that the Yarn Harlot was in town overnight with the Friends for Life Bike Rally. And, as the light changed, there was Stephanie herself, careening around the corner looking like a total pro. Go Team Twisted Spinners! Alas, no photos.