Sunday, February 28, 2016

Something for Spring

When I woke up at around 6:30 this morning, I realized with a bit of a shock that the sun was up before me. Spring is on its way, at last. No snowdrops or daffodils in sight (actually there were a few snowdrops in bloom back in January, thanks to El Nino)--this is the north shore of Lake Ontario after all--but the daytime high today is predicted to be 5C and the light just feels different. It's time to think about what to knit for that most difficult season ahead. I say difficult, because the weather in spring is so changeable. The fashion industry's term "transitional wear" could apply to clothing for a single day between March and May, not just the entire period. This is where a useful cardigan comes in. It must be warm enough to do the job of keeping you toasty, soft enough to be worn against bare arms and neck, and light enough in spirit to convince you that the days of down coats and thick socks are coming to an end. Therefore, I present to you (finally!) the Wolfe Island Gansey.

Available now on Ravelry for your spring knitting and wearing pleasure.
P.S. Thanks to all the testers who made this possible.


  1. Divine! I've been anticipating this for over a happy that it's a reality and can't wait to knit it!