Wednesday, December 18, 2019

TWO Types of Gauge

The new aran has progressed to the point where it has a body and two sleeves.

Everything has been wet blocked so that I can get an accurate read on length. This turns out to be especially important after my discovery that while the teal Galway has a similar stitch gauge to the pale grey Lark (shown above), its row gauge is anything but the same. Ten baby cables in Lark = only 8 in Galway. I truly did not expect that. If you've been thinking about knitting this, don't worry; I am writing the pattern so that it refers to lengths in inches, not rows.
Today I got the tree up and decorated.

Yes, it's a fake tree. We have family members with allergies and asthma and really, no one wants to deal with those over the holidays. This tree is only three years old, but I'm happy to say that we kept our first one going for 27 years. If you'd like to enjoy a fun arts and crafts activity, those stars are part of our collection of dough ornaments, recipe here. Store them in a dry place, and they'll last for decades!