Wednesday, December 23, 2020

To Ice or Not To Ice

This seems like a year to try new things. Instead of trying to carry on as if nothing is different, it's a good time to change things up. To that end, this morning I made and then froze these.

They're Gingerbread Cupcakes from "Moosewood Restaurant Favorites" (not the "Ginger Cakes" from the list of Moosewood's online recipes). There's a whole tbsp of ground ginger in them. I sampled, and they're winners, just like our other two favourite cake recipes from the same cookbook (Apple Bundt Cake, and Deep Chocolate Vegan Cake). Now the question is: should they be iced or not? Cream cheese icing would probably be nice, but I don't have any cream cheese. Ordinary butter icing might be too sweet. I think, once they thaw out on Xmas Day, I might simply give them a light sifting of icing sugar, and surround them with a few Medjool dates.

We're having a Zoom Xmas, with Isabel in San Francisco and James nearby on King Street E in his new attic apartment. I'll drop off dinner for James. Another change: no turkey. We're all (including Isabel) going with tourtiere this year. (Why does my spell check want to turn this into "torture"?)

There's some concern about snow on Friday, so I'm readying myself for a possible Xmas Eve drop off. This morning I roasted buttercup squash. Now it's mashed and sealed up in the fridge. One less thing to deal with.

And to make this "turning of the page" complete, I'm casting on for a new/old pair of mitts. If you're a longtime reader, you'll recogize these.

I made them at the same time as the Penelope hat, but never got around to publishing them. It's time to finally take care of that. This time round, they're going a shade paler in Quince's Puffin in Glacier.

OK, I admit that this is a highly impractical colour for mitts. After a couple of outings, they'll start to look grimy. But hey, I love, love, love this colour, I have a few skeins of it lounging around in my stash, and I'm going to live a little dangerously (at least as far as knitting goes). 

P.S. The weather forecast for Xmas Day has changed. Now we have a rainfall warning. Our non-winter continues. No complaints, mind.