Thursday, May 27, 2021


I've just completed another green dress -- the Carson Dress from Paddleboat Studios. It's instantly become my favourite thing to wear. The only alteration I needed to make was to shorten the skirt by one inch, pretty minor stuff. 

The green has a blue-grey cast, rather different from the bright teal green of my earlier dress, and it matches my eyes perfectly. Also, it looks great with my denim jean jacket. I especially love the sleeve cuff construction.

FYI, this pattern, although simple, does not have instructions that would be easily understood by beginners. For instance, it says to insert and sew the cuff "as if setting in a sleeve" -- all well and good for experienced sewists, but a bit thin on details for novices.

I'll definitely be making more versions of this, including a long-sleeve dress for winter.

With James gone to his own apartment, we've rearranged the house. What was the master bedroom is now my sewing room. In a weird fluke, the previous owners' pale pink walls (which I detest), actually go with this old dhurrie carpet resurrected from our Washington, DC house.


But my "office", at this season, remains the front porch.

Unfortunately, I'll be indoors tomorrow. High of 11C/52F predicted, with rain, which we need desperately, so no complaints. That's Madder's "Uniform" cardigan still in progress. Lots of plain knitting, which I find boring, so it's going slowly.

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