Monday, December 19, 2022

About Red

This is not the first post on this blog about red. It must be this early winter time of year, with months of cold, dark, and snow lying ahead that makes me think of the cheeriness of red. Mostly, I love when it appears in small doses, as an accent to everything around it. But this post is about all the shades and moods of red.  Like the brick red house across the street,

the red in the Virginia creeper on our garage roof, and the lower portion of our neighbours' deck,

the red in our hall carpet surrounded by a sea of neutrals,

the neon red choke cherries on a nearby front lawn, and

the attention-getting red of this burning bush in the median of the street behind our house,

And look at my watercolour chart to see all the hues, shades, and tints that can be mixed from red.

Finally, here's what just fell off my needles. Yes, another Pembroke Scarf. 

 Christmas is coming after all, and doesn't everyone want/need a red scarf?