Thursday, June 7, 2012

Momentum Is All

I'm writing today's post on Bill's Mac since my 10-year-old desktop PC seems to have been taken over by some sort of phishing virus that none of my security measures has been able to zap. In the last 48 hours I've changed my passwords for everything, cancelled my credit card, notified my bank, etc. No suspicious transactions have occurred, so I'm hoping I've nipped this horror in the bud. Perhaps this is a sign that it's time to ditch the old clunker.
To distract myself from the thought of forking over the bucks necessary for a laptop (I'd like to go with a Mac Pro), I've been slogging away at the second sleeve of Isabel's chunky tweedy jacket. Maintaining momentum is all for me. I can lose interest or become distracted all too easily.
And here's my chief distraction (apart from the afore-mentioned computer nightmare).

This is a full lb. of oatmeal blue-faced leicester which I intend to spin into enough worsted weight yarn to make a vest or maybe even a sweater. When we lived in DC, I used to visit Kiparoo Farm where Annie Kelley works her creative magic with her blue-faced leicester sheep to come up with some of the most inspiring yarns and patterns I've ever encountered. This spinning/designing/knitting project of mine is definitely a long-term thing. Is this an example of hubris, or am I merely ambitious?

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  1. A POUND? You're amazing! Keep it up. It's totally doable, and it's a good thing you love neutrals!