Thursday, June 28, 2012

Never Too Old

When Brookline came out in Twist Collective last April, a knitter wrote to me asking whether I thought a woman over 40 could wear this design. I designed the prototype for Isabel, my 20-year-old daughter, shown here in an alpaca version.

I wanted to give these photos a dressed-up, party feel. Isabel is very petite and admittedly, looks good in just about everything. At the same time, I only ever design and knit women's sweaters that I would wear myself, so the answer to the reader who asked if an older woman could wear Brookline, is a definite yes. I am 55 and I love this design. Not only is the shape extremely forgiving, but it can be worn dressed up or down and it's perfect for those tricky "transitional" seasons. For example, here it is shown with a 6-year-old J.Jill sleeveless linen blouse and equally old J.Jill blue jeans.

       Wondering about accessories?
Silver earrings from "Sterling" here in Kingston, ON.
Bracelet from recycled silver spoons purchased at P'Lover.
 Eyeglass holder/necklace from J.Jill.
Slightly beat-up but very comfy Naot clogs.
This is a great look for browsing at Kingston's City Market on a Saturday morning or meeting up with friends for knitting at a local coffee shop.
When I want to be a bit more dressed up, I button Brookline over loose knit black pants and a knit black tee, both from Cut Loose.


Earrings purchased at Catch Can in Washington, DC.

Tilley hat (expensive and worth every penny), Clark shoes, and scarf bought at Chris Reynolds in Westport, ON.

I can't finish without showing my fave bag. You wouldn't believe how many compliments I get about this, and not just from knitters who admire its capacious interior. Everyone thinks it's a $300 leather bag in a rich red. Wrong. It's vinyl faux leather, available at Pinecone in Westport, ON. Now you know!