Friday, June 15, 2012


My DSK (design, spin, knit) project continues. Yarn management is a big issue for drop spindle spinners. Here's the wool progressing from fluff to a single twisty strand.

Below you can see how I get my singles from spindle to (toilet paper roll) bobbin. I wrap rubber bands around my ball winder before slipping on the cardboard roll to help it stay in place.

When I have two bobbins of singles, then I use my shoebox kate to hold them while I wind a double-stranded centre-pull ball from which I ply to produce this.

I haven't yet knitted up a swatch of my homespun; I think it looks as if it might knit up at about 5 stitches per inch, which would be perfect for the design I have in mind. Annie Kelley, of Kiparoo Farm, dyes her grey blue-faced leicester a rich shade of blue. I'd love to learn how she does it...


  1. Straightforward, DIY, without all the expensive gadgets... I love your approach! As a relatively new drop-spinner, I don't necessarily want to go the "wheel way" and invest in the big machinery. I've been finding multiple plies challenging, but the shoebox kate looks like just the thing to help. Thank you for your work!

    1. Yes, I like the low-tech aspect of this too. I have a wheel now, and I use it, but still prefer spindle spinning.