Friday, June 15, 2012


My DSK (design, spin, knit) project continues. Yarn management is a big issue for drop spindle spinners. Here's the wool progressing from fluff to a single twisty strand.

Below you can see how I get my singles from spindle to (toilet paper roll) bobbin. I wrap rubber bands around my ball winder before slipping on the cardboard roll to help it stay in place.

When I have two bobbins of singles, then I use my shoebox kate to hold them while I wind a double-stranded centre-pull ball from which I ply to produce this.

I haven't yet knitted up a swatch of my homespun; I think it looks as if it might knit up at about 5 stitches per inch, which would be perfect for the design I have in mind. Annie Kelley, of Kiparoo Farm, dyes her grey blue-faced leicester a rich shade of blue. I'd love to learn how she does it...