Monday, August 5, 2013

Harriet's Jacket KAL Day 5: Once More, with Feeling

What's worse than "second sock syndrome"? Second bodice syndrome. Fortunately, I don't have it, despite this being the fifth iteration of this design for me since last winter. I think it's because the yarn I'm working with is so utterly yummy. Thanks, Chris, of Briar Rose Fibers!
There's nothing new to show while I zoom through the right half of the jacket. I'm already at the garter stitch ridges and, barring some sort of catastrophe, knitting or otherwise, I should have the two halves joined by the end of Day 6.
While this is happening, let me show you my haul from a shopping trip down the street. Susan, of Gwin Gryffon Winery (yes, she sells wine and wool!), seems to be on the same wavelength as I am when it comes to buttons. She had a new batch delivered last week and I stocked up.

These are proof that great buttons needn't be expensive. The large ones are hollow and very light. I think they must be plastic with some sort of metallic coating--perfect for handknits.
It's the Civic Holiday long weekend here in Ontario. Early in the day I walked down my street to catch some of the K-Town Triathlon, but discovered after I was there that my camera battery had died, so no pics. We're having perfect summer weather--daytime temps in the low 20sC, low humidity, nightime lows in the 11-14C range. I can hear cicadas gently buzzing while I write this.

When I was growing up, I spent my summers at a family cottage north of Ottawa. I have distinct memories of knitting my first aran sweater on the cottage verandah overlooking the Gatineau River, with tall pines framing the view. And of sitting in a slightly damp bathing suit on the same verandah having cucumber sandwiches and afternoon tea, a daily ritual. The cottage was sold decades ago, and even if I could go back, the area has been swallowed up by suburbia. Places exist in time as well as space. I still feel the pull of cottage country at this time of year, but living here on Lake Ontario seems to help ease that feeling. That and knitting, of course.
P.S. Just learned that is featuring Harriet's Jacket this week (this is the wool I used for Isabel's version) and is selling its Peruvian Highland Chunky for US$2.98/Cdn$3.10 per ball. Check out the colours here.

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