Friday, August 2, 2013

Harriet's Jacket KAL Day 2: Motoring Up the Sleeve

It's raining today, and a good thing too, our garden was so dry. A cool, grey day can be surprisingly welcome in the middle of the summer and the sound of gentle rain is so relaxing.

Good weather for knitting. Plugged into my audiobook, I work my way up the sleeve, increasing by means of left- and right-leaning backward loop increases. If you're not familiar with this method, you can visit here for a quick tutorial. Don't forget to work into the back of the right-leaning increase on the succeeding round. If you prefer, for this part of the project you can substitute M1Rs and M1Ls (just don't do this later on for the body increases).
Quite soon I have 44 stitches.  Time to move on to a 16" circular. Yay! I prefer dpns over other small diameter methods, but nevertheless, I like when it's time to say goodbye to them. Do you prefer the magic loop? Or perhaps two circulars? I'm interested to know what you're doing.

Making the switch to a small circular.
Now things go even more quickly. In almost no time, the entire sleeve is done. I've made mine 17" long, which is about 2" shy of my underarm. Make time to try your sleeve on. If in doubt make it a little longer. The cuff looks great rolled up, as you can see in the Ravelry photo of my blue/grey version.
Let's have a look at how the 2-skein plan to avoid colour pooling is working.

Perfect! I'm very pleased with the effect. Now, the sun has come out,

and I've just received a draft from Twist Collective for my approval, so I'll have to put my knitting aside while I do some proofreading. Only a couple of weeks before the Fall fifth anniversary issue! If you're in the Toronto area on Sept.18, the Downtown Knit Collective is holding a Twist fashion show to celebrate. More details down the road.
P.S. One knitter just couldn't wait for the KAL. Check out strikkeliese's "Anna's Jacket". So beautiful!