Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the door

Our new house had no full length mirror until today. In our old house, we had had one on the back of our bedroom closet door. We have no closet in our new master bedroom, so no mirror. Bill suggested that we use the bathroom mirror or the downstairs hall mirror. But Isabel and I could only see ourselves from the waist up in those. We told this to Bill, who suggested that the need to see oneself in full length must be some sort of culturally acquired female need. No, I explained, I need to see myself in full length so that I can assess the line of an outfit. How does the style of my shoes work with the length of my skirt? Does this outfit demand heels or flats? He doesn't get it. Eventually, we need a nice, antique style tall mirror. For now, we have a $10 Home Depot door mirror stuck to the bathroom door with 2-sided tape. It's not bad, if I may say so. Necessity is the mother of solutions!