Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Raccoon Highway

The vines have to go--asap. Last night, while I was trying to do edits on a design for Twist Collective, the raccoons decided it was time to romp on our roof. First there was the scrabbling sound of them climbing up the vines, then the leaping, thumps, and vocalizations from above. On their way up I startled them by rapping on the window of the study. But on their way down, when I used a large (7 mm) knitting needle to rap on the windows, all they did was stop and look at me with curiosity. Who was this lady with the long pointy thing drumming on the window panes? I phoned Ed, our arborist first thing this morning to set a date next week to get rid of the vines. They're pretty, but ending these nightly frolics is more important!
On the knitting front, not much is happening. I seem to be stalled on socks. I knit, I rip, I sigh and knit some more. Hope to have something to show next post.