Thursday, January 20, 2011

Playing Around

Last night I played my recorders with a local recorder group. Bob Tennent, our organizer, is a Queen's computer science prof who also does some very nice musical arrangements. Loads of fun!

This morning, I walked over to the University and heard Senator Hugh Segal  speak on foreign affairs policy. A highly intelligent talk and discussion. Too bad we don't get more of this sort of thing in the media.While I listened, I worked on my new plaything:

I bought this fingering weight alpaca at Janie H. Knits in Perth, ON while Helen Hamann was there with a trunk show.

I'm knitting it very loosely on a 4 mm needle. It's sort of an experiment. I'm in that awkward phase in between major projects. I'm playing around. In my last post I played with Peace Fleece and now I'm playing with this alpaca. Soon I'll settle down to work on something, but this tinkering is part of the fun of the creative process. As I was walking home from the University today, I realized that playing around happens in other endeavours as well. Look at this building that I pass almost every day.

Clearly, this home started out as one thing (stables maybe?) and ended up as something else. I guess the big difference is that with architecture, the playing around is a little more costly. Thank goodness my fun is relatively cheap!