Sunday, January 2, 2011


The New Year is rung in, James has had his birthday, and the scarf is a huge success. In the ideal knitters' world, gifts are received with joy and worn with pleasure. So, you can imagine my pleasure when James, confronted with a pile of birthday presents, felt each package to find the one with the right "squishiness" to be his new scarf, and opened it first. Yesterday we had rain and I couldn't get a photo of him wearing it, but today we are having "Hollywood snow", the kind that movie directors must love, that comes drifting slowly down in giant snowflakes.

Here is James modelling his new "Stripes" scarf. 

During the knitting of the scarf, one of the decisions I had to make was whether to make the stripes pattern symetrical. In the end, and upon Isabel's advice, I did not. There is a purposeful assymetry which you can see below. Also, check out how both the cast-on and cast-off edges mirror each other. I used a needle 2 sizes larger to work the cast-off stitches.

Finally, see how the wrong side looks great too?

 All in all, a simple, truly satisfying project. Hope your new year has had an equally auspicious beginning.