Sunday, December 4, 2011

Organically Grown

Feeling well on the road to recovery, I drove to Picton yesterday, mostly because winter is still holding off and I thought it might be my last chance for a pleasant drive along the lake before the roads get dangerous. As usual, I visited Rose Haven Farm Store and French Country. I bought this sweet little felted snowman. We won't put our tree up for another couple of weeks, so here he is swinging cheerfully from our front door wreath.

Those are felted skiis under his little body. As usual, I knitted while I waited for the Glenora ferry. As of this morning, here's where the new socks have progressed.

This is the view from the top, with the heel tucked underneath. And speaking of heels, when I checked out Bill's heel, sticking out from under the bed clothes this morning, his sock had this stuck to the heel. 

I think the sticker must have fallen to the floor after he peeled it off a banana and then he must have stepped on it. I might have woken him up with my laughing.

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