Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Black and Blue and Tweed All Over

For a long time I've had this sitting on my stash shelf.

It's Peace Fleece in "Siberian Midnight". I'm a fan of Peace Fleece. The colours are amazingly rich (and the names imaginative). Notice the mix of black and blue with creamy tweed flecks. I started something with this yarn last year, but wasn't happy with where it was going. Now I have a new idea and, as always when an idea strikes, I'm a little excited.
Here's what I have in mind.

It involves some side-to-side work, some top-down knitting, and a lot of garter stitch. The latter can be quite beautiful in tweedy yarns. I think the buttons will be important. Yes, that's a tea stain on the paper. Tea consumption is a necessary part of knit thinking, not to mention that it helps in a Canadian winter. My swatch is done; now I'm off to cast on....