Saturday, January 5, 2013

Now and Then

Winter seems to have returned after its little holiday last year. On my way to return "Case Histories" to the video store, I noticed that the harbour has iced over (except for the channel used by the Wolfe Island ferry).

The red roofs of the martello towers are the only colour in the landscape. The sidewalks are ploughed, but tunnel-like, as this view of King Street shows.

The intersection of King and William (where I live) probably doesn't look much different than it did in this painting by Sir Edmund Yeamans Wolcott Henderson done in 1843, when he was stationed here with the Royal Engineers (he went on to become Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police).

Before I went out, I made a witch's brew in my kitchen of Kool-Aid and handspun. Here it is gently simmering.

More about that next time. By then the potent reek of grape and black cherry drink mix and wet wool might have dissipated.