Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ice Sailing

After reading Kate Davies' blog yesterday and seeing crocuses blooming in Scotland, it seems unfair that here, so much farther south, we are still in the grip of winter. Granted, the temperature is hovering just a hair above the freezing mark, but nonetheless, it's been snowing lightly all day and I've had enough of it. I walked down to the lake, after a morning of yet more unpacking, and noticed that there were ice sailboats out.

Seems like an exhilarating way to spend a snowy end-of-February day.
Unpacking is a slower process than packing. There's time to peruse stuff that simply got shoved into boxes at the other end. I found my great grandfather's arithmetic workbook, dated 1871,

 and this pre-Victorian gem.

The double wave cable sweater is up to the underarms and I've just put all the stitches on a length of waste yarn preparatory to a dunking and blocking. I stopped about an inch shy of the goal so that I won't have to rip out in case I gain an inch from the wet blocking. While it's drying, I'm going to play with these.

The soft purple is worsted weight while the grey is a sport weight (labelled DK). These are a gift from Lyn Gemmell, who has taken over Shelridge Farms yarns (including the dyeing). Can't wait to see if my idea for them works out.

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