Sunday, February 10, 2013

Not So Bad

Well, the storm has passed, and I guess we were lucky. Sure, there was quite a bit of snow, but we were spared anything of an historic nature. We had the western end of things, before the blizzard joined up with the east coast storm that's made news from Connecticut up through the Maritimes. Yesterday we woke up to find our car pretty much buried,

and even the windows snowed in.

I put James to work carving out a path to our compost bin and the car,

while Bill worked at excavating the vehicle itself.

By this morning the sidewalk ploughs had done their work out front, so things are sort of back to normal, apart from the fact that we're moving in FOUR more days. I am not having a panic attack. In fact, I spent this morning making a couple of apple galettes, one for tonight's post-concert pot-luck, and another for the family,

Apples, raisins, cinnamon, and pastry just before folding.

and Isabel's sweater, now christened "Glenora", continues to grow.

I feel as though I should be putting more time into packing, but so far everything seems under control. Is this just the calm before the storm?