Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February Wish List

Well, here we are at the end of February, with the Olympics over and no end to winter in sight. Time for my FEBRUARY WISH LIST. I wish:
1. I could go for a walk in shoes, not heavy winter boots, not rubber boots, just plain shoes.
2. I could go out the door without taking five minutes to suit up in scarf, hat, gloves + mittens, coat, and the aforementioned boots.
3. I could walk on an actual sidewalk--not on solid ice or through squishy snow or ankle-deep in slush.
4. I could go for a bike ride. Yes, I do see some intrepid winter cyclists out there, but really, do you think that's safe? I mean, one little skid on a slippery bit of road and there you are under the wheels of an SUV.
5. I could walk on the sunny side of the street and feel some warmth from the sun. Warmth? What's that?
6. I could see something green and growing. Sure, we have evergreens, and my neighbour has a nice euonymous trained to arch over her front door, but our climate is too harsh for English Ivy  and hollies to thrive, so there's precious little green out there.
Not to be a complete curmudgeon, on the plus side,
1. All this winter means we get to wear our knits and shamelessly keep on making more.
2. The days are getting quite noticeably longer. There was still a bit of sunshine at 6:00 pm yesterday.
3. It's an excuse to try out my latest cookbook acquisition. The thing I really love about it is that there are a lot of "quasi-recipes", i.e. loose suggestions for combinations of ingredients without exact numbers. It seems that I like the same things in cookbooks as in knitting patterns!
Last week we had a brief melt. It was enough to lull us into thinking spring was right around the corner and to melt the worst of our icicles off the eaves.

The mice (or bats?) have not reappeared, although I'm not holding my breath on that. Time will tell. Gary laid some bait in our attic, but there's been nary a sound up there.
On the knitting front, I've been working hard on things I can't show on the blog.

 Today, I get to move on to new things. Wait, isn't tax filing season upon us again? Maybe it's time to start my MARCH WIST LIST....