Saturday, March 1, 2014

Over the Ice

This hard winter is making life in a part of the world dependent on ferries rather challenging. Yesterday, the snow squalls being over for the time being, I and two fibre friends took a little road trip to Picton to visit Rosehaven Yarns. Before I go any further, let me elaborate on the hazards of snow squalls for those of you who don't live in the Great Lakes area. Check out this image of a squall near Toronto. I was under the impression that the freezing over of the lakes would put an end to this weather phenomenon, but apparently not. Anyway, yesterday being a rare sunny day, we ventured forth on our ride along the lakefront. We arrived at the Glenora ferry around noon and discovered that the Bay of Quinte had frozen over almost completely,

 with just a narrow channel being kept open for the ferry.

See the ducks? A small flock has stayed to inhabit the relatively tiny path of open water and, as the ferry moved through the water, they continuously moved with it, just slightly ahead.

We visited the shop and its new proprietor, Leslie. That's her husband sitting at a table with his laptop.

We did some oohing and ahhing over the lineup of Habu yarns,

and I picked up a couple of skeins of my favourite Ultra Alpaca in "Grapefruit Mix", #62178.

Time for a new Tumnus in this lucious colour.