Friday, March 28, 2014


"Fern", the temporary name for my cardigan-in-progress, is undergoing a second blocking. I'm done with the body and checking on the finished length. With superwash, you never know for sure. So far so good. Since the house isn't especially warm, it may take 48 hours, and then I'll get back onto the front border and sleeves. Meanwhile, I've embarked on this.

I rarely knit other designers' patterns, but Brigitta caught my eye recently. It might be the silhouette, which recalls Zora and Wakefield Redux, but it's definitely the seamless "English tailored shoulders", which have sparked my curiousity. Instead of the recommended Rowan Big Wool, I'm using Cascade's Lana Grande in Espresso. Julie Weisenberger suggests that this is a nice "weekend knit", but I doubt I'll get beyond the underarms, if that far. Extra chunky wool isn't as quick to knit as you'd think. Mostly it's extra clunky to work with. But I think the result will be lovely. In this case the fabric is light, the wool soft, and the weather (2C and raining)  is certainly conducive to thoughts of wearing this feminine jacket.