Thursday, March 13, 2014

Buttonbox: One Year On

It's one year since Buttonbox came out. It's been quite popular, having been favourited 2904 times, queued 1001 times, with 112 projects posted on Ravelry as of today. I've enjoyed seeing what everyone has done with it. Some faves:

antje's Buttonbox--This one went up almost before I could blink and it remains a favourite. I adore the ivory colour and the way it highlights the texture. Make sure you click to enlarge the photo of the buttons. Wow!

thebigsheepme's Buttonbox--Note that this was this knitter's SECOND Buttonbox. The first one was here.

jollypondknitter's Buttonbox--How can you not love this version--it's got handspun and bright colour all at the same time.

YarnFolkAnn's Buttonbox--I'm a Peace Fleece lover all the way!

Of course, not everyone has been totally happy with their waistcoat. Two problem areas have emerged that are within a knitter's control:

1. This pattern works best for non-superwash yarns. It's designed for yarns that can be moulded when wet. Knitters who've used superwash wools have had difficulty getting the collar to stay folded and getting the bottom garter stitch border to lie flat. Notice that I used handspun for my vest and Shelter, an untreated woollen-spun wool, for Isabel's. Both give you a lot of control during blocking.

2. Make sure you check out the measurements on the schematic before you start. Some knitters have found that the armhole depth is greater than they would like. Remember, this is something you have control over. Don't blindly knit the lengths that are stated in the pattern. Just be sure to end the shoulder on the same row of the stitch pattern as the pattern suggests to be sure of having an uninterrupted sequence of little boxes. Be brave!

This pattern is perfect for transitional seasons. I wore mine all last spring under a jacket in the morning, then without the extra layer in the warmer afternoons. If you haven't tried this pattern out, I hope you'll consider giving it a shot. Happy knitting!