Tuesday, March 24, 2015

In a Whirl

Wheel spinning is nice, but to me, spindle spinning is nicer. I like that I can do it in any room of the house (or even outdoors if there isn't too much wind), and that I can stand up and walk around. I spend enough time sitting and knitting! It's more physical, and perhaps that appeals to the musician in me. Especially toward the end of the day, when I might be feeling a bit of stress or fatigue, spindle spinning is relaxing, even mesmerizing. Do a little bit every day, and before you know it, you have enough yarn for a scarf, or even a Buttonbox vest.
I'm definitely in a spindling mood this week. I have some of Malabrigo's Nube, purchased on a whim at my my LYS, Wool on Wellington (so nice to have a shop only a 5-minute walk from my front door--dangerous too!) I've been spending my post-dinner clean-up hours listening to Ruth Downie's "Terra Incognita", while spinning up this richly dyed merino. Now, merino's not my favourite fibre to spin, but this doesn't seem to be giving me much of a problem, probably because I'm giving it this treatment. The results so far:
I always try to prop my spindle in something to keep it from rolling onto the floor.

Toilet paper tube as a bobbin holding singles awaiting plying.
A Harriet update:
Many thanks for all the kind things you have written to me in the last few days about this design. Here's my latest iteration of the jacket in Osprey.

I'm afraid the rich Marsh colour isn't coming across, at least on my laptop screen. In case someone is thinking of asking why the cuff looks a little odd, it's because I chose this time to knit it flat, slipping each first stitch knitwise to create these little bumps at the edge. I simply wasn't in the mood for garter stitch in the round.


Today I'll thread the leftover length from the casting on (I purposely left it long) through the bumps,

back and forth, to bring the cuff together in a perfectly interlocking and flat seam. See you later.