Monday, March 14, 2016


I seem to have an affinity for most things nordic. Perhaps it's because Scandinavians and Canadians share a northern climate and its consequent quest for light. Whether it's TV (Anno 1790), pared down home decor, or knitting, the nordic aesthetic beckons. So, it shouldn't be any surprise that I just bought a ridiculous quantity of Norwegian and Danish yarn.

Yes, there might be a bit of a colour trend going on here--soft cream, pewter, and plum, colours that always work with my colouring. 
On Friday, my pal Cheryl, of Little Church Knits, and I made a road trip up to Wool Tyme in the south of Ottawa. Here Cheryl is outside my front door just before takeoff on our journey--she's such a good sport when it comes to posing for the camera.

We gassed up the car and grabbed coffee in Smith's Falls, where I couldn't resist this photo for my non-Canadian readers. It's maple syrup season! The sap runs best when the days are a little above freezing and the nights a little below. March, in other words.

I hadn't been to Wool Tyme in ages. Clearly, I've been missing something. This has become the go-to place for yarn in this neck of the woods, especially for sweater knitters. You know how difficult it can be to purchase sweater quantities of wool in the colours you want at the prices you need? No problem here! The inventory is mind boggling. The shop/warehouse seems to carry the entire line of Sandnesgarn yarns from Norway. I found beautiful natural fibres (wool, alpaca, silk, cotton, mohair) in stunningly lovely colours and equally stunning prices. My retired IMF/World Bank economist husband informs me that Norway is not part of the EU and this may have something to do with the price break.
What else is going on here on the north shore of Lake Ontario? So far, the ice hasn't disappeared, although the snow is long gone. Apparently, breaking up is hard to do.

In my knitting universe, while I contemplate what to do with my recent acquisitions, I'm moving forward with the aran jumper. This morning I unvented (to use a Zimmermannism) the "Twisted Perpendicular Join". More about that next time...
P.S. Wool Tyme is totally set up for mail order both in and outside of Canada. Think of it as WEBS Northern Edition.

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  1. Ah yes! What a great road trip filled with such lovely yarn in such enormous quantities! Thanks, Elizabeth, for a wonderful day :)