Thursday, March 24, 2016

Well, That Explains It

It's been a while since I've knitted with Sandnesgarn's Babyull. Really, the last time I knitted anything out of it was when I made this.



Since then, I've commented several times on how much I loved the Babyull, how it comes in so many adult-suitable colours, and how it doesn't do all the bad things that most superwash yarns do. It holds its shape fantastically and doesn't grow or do anything weird when wet-blocked. See how beautifully the rippled edge on Brookline (above) turned out? There's a reason. The Babyull ISN'T A SUPERWASH WOOL! I honestly don't know how I got the idea that it was into my head. 
I'm working on a new project now with the same lovely stuff.

No doubt about it; that explains everything.