Monday, April 4, 2016

Project Roundup

Time for a little roundup of finished objects. First up, Milo320's Glenora in an absolutely scrumptious shade of red. She writes, " It fits and moves beautifully!" I agree. Lovely.

In this enlargement of the Ravelry photo, it's possible to see a bit of pilling of the soft Cascade Eco+. Not to worry; this is easily cleaned up with a quick once-over with a good lint shaver. My favourite is the one sold now by Knitpicks. It used to be sold by the Dritz sewing people. I suspect that Knitpicks has bought the rights to it. (FYI, I am not receiving anything in return for an endorsement.) With a soft wool like the Eco+, there is usually quite a lot of pilling at first as the shorter fibres work their way to the surface. Eventually the pilling stops and you only need to do a cleanup a couple of times a season when the sweater is washed.
Next, check out mpgsmom's Bibliogloves. The kettle-dyed Malabrigo Arroyo really gives them an outstanding look.

This knitter has nicknamed them, "Backward Bibliogloves" because, "When I started the second (right) glove I realized that I had cabled front instead of back on the first one -- so I reversed the second one also for a matched pair." Clever knitter.
Finally, you really must see carpoolknitter's Harriet of Many Colours, knitted from a Noro yarn, Kochoran. 

It can be difficult to pull off an entire sweater in Noro, but the soft, watercolour effect of this yarn makes it work. But best of all is the clever "skirt" with its short row shaping. I love when my work inspires someone else to do something innovative like this. Absolutely stunning!!