Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Old Friends

In my previous post there was a suggestion that I was going to use my ram's head buttons (purchased about 15 years ago from Philosopher's Wool at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival) on my new coat. I actually intended to do that, and got as far as sewing the first button on. Then I realized that I didn't like the look of a shank button. So, I poked around in my buttonbox until I located exactly six (phew!) old Mission Falls black buttons with crosshatches on top. Mission Falls made the BEST buttons. When the company went out of business, I visited Mags Kandis on a studio open house day in Prince Edward County and bought a big batch of her remaining buttons in different styles. They're always just right.

Then, I donned my new coat and headed out to rake leaves and give the lawn a last mowing. By Friday the daytime high is predicted to be below zero. Winter really is coming.

BTW, these are Sonya Philip's Pants #1 in navy Essex, a linen/cotton blend. Perfect year round.