Sunday, November 5, 2017

What's In a Name?

Quite a lot, in fact, when knitters are trying to look up a design on Ravelry. With the proliferation of indie designers, e-publishing, and Ravelry, it's becoming increasingly difficult to avoid duplication in the naming of patterns. Add to that the fact that magazine editors have a preference for one-word names, as well as names that are easy to pronounce from their spelling (I have personal experience with this, having once tried to name a pattern "Strachan"), the problem is even more vexing. There are definite trends in names. I can't help but notice an unusual number of designs with made-up feminine-sounding names ending in the letter "a". It all makes me want to go the route of Sonya Philips with her sewing patterns named by number, i.e. Dress #1, Dress #2, etc.
All this is merely a preface to letting you know that, as of a few minutes ago, I have decided to re-name my favourite fall garment. Back in the spring, when I first chose a name, I performed the usual Ravelry search to check that the name had not been taken, and at that time nothing showed up. However, since then a pattern company has posted onto Ravelry a pattern leaflet from almost a decade ago with the same name. Wanting to avoid confusion, while at the same time retaining the obvious reference to the actress in question, I have simply altered the name of my own design to "Audrey's Coat". An apostrophe makes all the difference. You can find it here. Now, back to sewing the buttons onto my new plum version, which I intend to wear next weekend at the Wool and Wine Retreat in Prince Edward County. Maybe I'll see you there.