Friday, August 21, 2020

Bits and Pieces

I'm working on some odds and ends. As a mostly monogamous knitter/sewer, that's unusual. 

1. Mask production. COVID-19 is here for the fall/winter, so I'm making a push to ensure that everyone in the household has several washable masks. My favourite pattern is this one. I've tried others, but this is the one that fits well and is a breeze to make. I make it as a two-layer mask without a filter. Useful supplies include wide bread bag twist ties for a good fit over the nose, soft elastic for the ear loops, a safety pin to pull the elastic through the channels at the sides, and good quality batik quilting cotton (for its density). 

2. Joan of Purlin J's Roving Yarn Truck dropped off some teeny-weeny mini-balls of wool to be used in a semi-secret project to be revealed down the road. So cute!

3. Bill and I go walking each evening all summer, but with the days becoming noticeably shorter, our after-dinner walks will soon be at an end. This evening we walked down the street to the Tett Centre (on the left) and the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts (on the right). 

The international students are beginning to arrive at Queen's and go into quarantine. Although they are the only ones required by law to do so, given that Kingston has so far kept the virus under control, the University is recommending that all students from areas with virus activity do the same.  It has even suggested that they bring their own groceries to avoid having to enter Kingston shops when they arrive. I'll admit to skepticism about that actually happening. Meanwhile, it's the calm before the storm.