Sunday, August 16, 2020

Wiksten 2.0

 About an hour ago I finished another Wiksten Shift dress, this time in rayon and with sleeves. 

The fabric is from Cotton+Steel. It's going to be part of my fall comfy-but-slightly-dressed-up outfit. Not sure why I feel I need this because, honestly, where do I think I'll be going? Probably just walking in the neighbourhood. I suspect that a vaccine won't make it our way until next spring, given that health care providers, first responders, etc. will have priority. Sigh.

I'm consoling myself by focusing on the beauty of the Limelight hydrangeas out front, which are just beginning to take on that pink tinge they get as they move toward fall.

I notice that currently, Willingdon is at the top of Ravelry's "hot right now" list. Its success is rubbing off on Hedgewood, a design that has been somewhat overlooked as I brought it out just as the pandemic was taking off. So happy to see it also now getting some love. This is one of the best times of the year for knitters, don't you think? The nights are getting cool, thoughts of woolly things are percolating in our brains, and soon I'll have a new sweater (I'm such a tease!) to wear with my fall Wiksten.

P.S. Not sure why my photos on the blog are coming out all elongated when I view the blog on my phone. Google has recently made changes to Blogger. I'll ask Isabel, the computer whiz kid.