Friday, September 11, 2020

Wool Time

The mornings now are chilly, sometimes in the single digits Celcius. This afternoon it's much warmer -- 16C and gorgeous in the sun. The house seems to retain the morning chill until after lunch, so my woolly collection has been seeing some action, especially this morning when I did a grocery pickup ("Click and Collect" at our local Loblaw) around 8 am. Here I am in my new Willingdon with my Pembroke with the picots from last winter.

While I'm writing up "Victoria" I'm trying to sneak in a new Wheatsheaves. My old one was worn to death. This is the upper back worked from the top down. This time around I switched to German short rows instead of the wrap and turn variety.

Remember, if you decide to do this swap that you must knit one extra stitch before turning. Also, after the turn there is no need to slip the first stitch before moving on. All in all, I prefer German short rows these days for their ease in working + reversibility (not that that matters here). Have you caught the fall knitting bug yet?


  1. Your Willingdon looks great! I haven't been able to debut mine yet since it's still very much linen season in Vienna. Summer temps are projected for at least another five days. But it gets dark very early now, so fall is on its way.

  2. I have been watching fruity knitting podcasts, which is where I saw an interview with you. I am so glad I watched it as your designs are gorgeous. Can’t wait to start one, once I finish what I presently have on my needles.