Sunday, December 22, 2013

So Far So Good

It's not yet over. We're experiencing a third wave of precipitation. And it's hard to define exactly what's coming down. It seems to be some sort of combination of rain, sleet, snow, mist, drizzle.... We've been lucky so far. The power went out yesterday night around 10:00 p.m., but then miraculously it returned about ten minutes later. Our previous house had a wood-burning stove just for such occasions. Now, all we have is a fireplace, but I suppose that would be better than nothing. After two days of  this "Texas Low" (so-called by Environment Canada), I got a little stir crazy this afternoon and decided to risk taking a walk downtown to see if anything was open. Actually, I needed to see if Cooke's was open so that I could stock up on a few last-minute must-have stocking stuffers. Cooke's didn't disappoint. Here's how things looked about an hour ago.

See that skater on the left? He knows how to make the best of a bad weather weekend. Stay safe, stay warm.

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