Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lone Mittens and a (Sort of) New Yarn Shop

I made a day trip to Picton yesterday to check out Rosehaven Yarns, the re-incarnation of Rose Haven Farm Store under the new ownership of Leslie Snyder. The shop has a new paint job, inside and out.

There are some nice changes. The Ella Rae Classic has moved upstairs to make a colourful display. Remember, this is a great felting (or is that fulling?) yarn. The Habu yarns are more prominent in a bright location nearer the front windows and, best of all, there's a computer set out for customer use. So handy when you want to check out yardages on Ravelry! If you can get there, there's a grand opening celebration tomorrow (Thursday). Leslie's new to the yarn business and welcomes ideas.
It was one of those days close to the solstice when the light has a slightly melancholy quality.
View from the ferry coming into Glenora.
As if to reinforce the sad feeling, on my way to my car share through Queen's campus, I came across this.

It's a lone mitten, one of the official ones sold by the Hudson's Bay Company for the Vancouver Olympics. Mittens have a way of getting lost. They fall out of pockets and backpacks. Elizabeth Zimmermann once wrote that it was best to give them in sets of three. It's the custom here, when one is found, to leave it in a prominent place as close a possible to where it fell. Is that what happens where you live? Hope this little item makes its way home.