Friday, December 27, 2013

Boxing Day and Beyond

I love Boxing Day. I missed it when we lived in the States. Having the day after Xmas as a holiday makes so much sense. It offers a day of quiet to relax, recover, and come down from the high of the Big Day. When I was growing up, we used to go out to the country for a buffet-style lunch with friends--usually soup, bread, and cheese, surrounded by snowy hillscapes. Lovely.
One of the very best aspects of Boxing Day for me is that it is a day without cooking. Especially after the pressure of producing a festive dinner the evening before, it's fantastic to have a day when all anyone need do is open the fridge and throw delicious leftovers into the microwave. Now, the leftovers are mostly eaten and today I'll have to venture forth for some fresh supplies, but I'm ready for action after yesterday's respite.
Yesterday also marked the completion of a new design, as yet unnamed, currently drying on the floor of our library.

It has a kimono shape with a very wide body (12' wider than my actual bust measurement) and relatively short sleeves. When worn with a shawl pin, either at the top of the neck or at the bottom of the front border, the slight crossover causes the whole thing to drape quite attractively. When worn unclosed, the back flares to create a flatteringly graceful line.
This piece is constructed from the top down, starting with a provisional cast-on and short rows. Apart from those two techniques, it is very straightforward and quick to knit. I hope to have it written up, and another one knitted for Isabel to model soon.
In the meantime, while this dries, I'm going to knit up a hat and scarf for James for his New Year's Day birthday. Probably Brig by Veronik Avery. She does wonderful, classic stuff for men. Do check out the whole Brooklyn Tweed Men's book.
We are having a little bit of a melt. Temps still slightly below freezing, but the sun is enough to make life somewhat hazardous, as you can see from this photo out the library window of our eaves.

Hoping you are safe and warm.