Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Return of Downton

Downton Abbey returns to PBS this Sunday. To mark its return, I'm planning a re-knitting of my "Downtown" jacket (I'm playing it safe with the name, to avoid any possible copyright issues--it's the former lawyer in me). I made the first jacket just after Season 1, before the show became widely popular. I wasn't trying to copy any of the fashions in the show; I merely wanted to knit an elegant, ladylike jacket that could go to work as easily as it could be worn on a fall weekend at the cottage. Remember this?

My neighbour, Megan, was kind enough to model for me while she was home from university on Xmas break. No snow that December, although I recall that we made up for it in February and March.

How I miss my brick wall that was so useful for displaying knits!

There are two sizes of button on display here. This jacket is ALL ABOUT THE BUTTONS. The original no-sew jacket was knitted in Ella Rae Heather, but this time I want something a bit dressier, so I'm going with Berocco's Ultra Alpaca, a 50-50 wool-alpaca blend. So many colours to choose from. Do you have a fave? Help me choose!


  1. I'm particularly drawn to the bright section in the middle of the colours, starting with Melon Mix and ending with Chianti. My favourites in there would be the mixes, Spiceberry leading the way, followed by Tigers Eye, Mahogany Mix and Candied Yams in no special order. I also think the jacket would look great in pink, especially Pink Berry Mix. The solid colours are very nice too but I think the texture on Downtown would look wonderful in a mix.


    1. Brenda, I agree with you about the mixes. Since my first jacket is in a heathered jewel tone, I rather like your suggestions in the brown range. Hmm...

  2. I, too, prefer the mixes! Boysenberry or Berry Pie mix would work I think - you have blues & Neutrals everywhere, time for some Pizazz. In my world, anything with blued Reds or any shade of Purple wins!!

  3. I love it ! I am a Downton Abbey fan, and I think its the colors of the costume and set which are so alluring . Let me see, I'm thinking of Sibyl in that blueish green outfit she wore , Golds... charcoal grey... spruce green.... I can't wait to see more. I"m riveted to your blog. :)