Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 8: Festina Lente

The latin adage, festina lente, or "make haste slowly", comes to mind. Yesterday morning I launched into the first sleeve, switched from a 16-inch circular  to dpns fter lunch, and realized somewhere close to tea time that I had been using the wrong size of dpns for the last hour and a half. Slap to the head!
I ripped back, put everything back onto the circular and STOPPED.
You see, all the time I was working yesterday morning, I wasn't really happy with my crochet front border. Not enough heft, not enough polish, just NOT RIGHT. So, after a little walk to clear my mind (and to pick up some smoked turkey for dinner), I ruthlessly ripped out the front border and then spent hours and hours figuring out what exactly would work best. I tried:
1. reverse st st with a roll to the inside,
2. garter st,
3. 2-st I-cord,
4. 3-st I-cord attached through the top 2 strands of the selvedge,
5. 3-st I-cord attached through the front strand of the selvedge,
6. 3-st I-cord attached through the outside strand of the selvedge,
7. 3-st I-cord attached throught the outside strand of the selvedge with a US 7, a US 6, and a US 8.
By 10:00 pm I had decided on 3-st I-cord attached through the outside strand of the selvedge using a US 7. I had spent the last hour sitting on the top stair of our first flight where the hall light was much brighter than the dim light of the downstairs lamp. Note to self: buy a better lamp.
Then I woke up this morning and promptly knitted the entire front border using not a US 7, but an 8 for the front edges and a 7 for the collar. The 2 different needle sizes made the I-cord lie perfectly. Done. 

Buttons attached.

Now, back to the sleeves.