Monday, September 26, 2011

Same But Different

Another fantastic early fall day. The front garden is in autumnal mode--echinacea seed heads standing up tall, hydrangea blooms turning a lovely rusty pink.

My neighbour's autumn clematis is taking over everything (in a good way).

When I get back from KnitEast it will be Thanksgiving Weekend here and I'll spend the weekend, weather permitting, transplanting some perennials, planting some bulbs, and switching what's in my pots. Or maybe I'll just get started on all of that. I know it'll all take longer than I'm pretending.
I'll have to think carefully about the pot contents; I can't stand to do the same thing twice. Probably I have a short attention span. Or I get bored easily. Same thing applies to knitting. I'm finishing up the blackberry Perth Cardi and I've made some subtle changes (improvements) on the original. Like carrying the reverse stocking stitch seam from the sides through to the arms with a central purl decrease along their undersides, and attaching the buttons with a few wraps around the shanks to leave a little space for the buttonloops to fit better. I'll add these changes to the pattern as soon as possible.

And thanks, Heather, for the help with button selection. They're just perfect.