Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mags and Maggie

Yesterday Bill and I went on the Prince Edward County Studio Tour. We took the Glenora Ferry, crossed to Picton, then went past Bloomfield and Wellington to visit the studio of Mags Kandis, founder of Mission Falls yarns. I'm kicking myself for having forgotten my camera! Mags had bags of Mission Falls on sale for $2 per ball and her fabulous buttons for only $1 each. It was great to see the place where all her creative energy originates. That said, she says she is planning to move closer to Picton next year.
Next, we stopped off at Casa Dea winery. I kicked myself even more for forgetting my camera as we drove through the rolling countryside. The view from the steps of the restaurant of field after field of lush vines with their heavy purple grapes was quite stunning.
We made our way back to Picton, where Bill snacked on a cupcake from Miss Lilly's while I stopped by Rose Haven Farm Store. Linda, the owner, asked me to let my readers know that she still has spots available for her upcoming workshops with Irish knitting diva, Maggie Jackson. You can go here for details, if you're interested.
The red Sandridge will be done by this evening. I'll devote my next post to explaining how to do an I-cord trim with buttonholes along the front edge (as I did for Downton) instead of the crocheted edge I originally used. Hope everyone is having a great fall weekend.