Sunday, February 19, 2012

Trellis Waistcoat Photoshoot

I use the term "photoshoot" loosely, since I have somewhat limited equipment and even less knowledge, ability, and patience. Anyway, I took Isabel in her new waistcoat and James, wearing the original Sandridge jacket, out for a walk in the park in front of Queen's University's Theological Hall. There may have been a touch of bribery in the form of a trip to Tim Horton's prior to the walk. It was below freezing, after all, and a little something warm in the hands was some inducement to co-operate. Here's what came of it all:

"What should we talk about now that Mum's got us out here freezing our fingers off?"

"She told me to get closer!"

"I should be an ad for Tims."
"Brrr. Hurry up!"

10-year-old cowl still going strong.

"Are we done?"