Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Done and Done!

The taxes are filed and paid (yay!) and I've managed to ply a little bit of yarn to see how it works. See?

It really is like magic the way the kinkiness of the singles gives way to the smoothness of a 2-ply. And I haven't even washed it yet.
I was so excited and encouraged that I started to work on another bit of fluff, as evidenced by this:

This is some undyed BFL (blue-faced leicester). If it turns somehow into yarn, I might even try to dye it--or not. Depends on how brave I'm feeling.
For anyone wondering when the Spring 2012 issue of Twist is coming out, the date is April 16. FYI, my submission, the "Gore Street" cardigan, has been re-named "Brookline".