Sunday, April 29, 2012

One Thing Leads to Another...

Back from Toronto. Had a great time. Saw Lynda of Cabin Fever at her booth, along with Brenda. Brenda (on the left) and I had communicated online, but never met before.

Bought some Madelinetosh and Tanis Fibre Arts yarn, as well as some Shelridge Farm merino. Then sat down for lunch and watched the fascinating martial arts classes taking place in the same building, the Japanese Cultural Centre. Here are the archery students,

and their enormous bows.

I say fascinating, because the archery seemed to be mostly about form and process, rather than result, as the students moved in slow, choreographed movements like a dance.
Bill and I left Toronto before 4:00 p.m. and made it back to Kingston before dinner. Now I'm back to the knot stitch socks worked in the Lanett left over from Brookline. (BTW, I wore the new Brookline all day yesterday.) Without nylon, the socks won't be terribly durable, so I worked an "eye of the partridge" stitch to add strength to the heel flap, and because the knot stitch would be uncomfortable inside a shoe, I limited it to the parts of the sock that will show, placing the decreases on the top of the foot instead of along the edges of the gussets to form a tidy sort of V shape.

It's interesting how the stitch pattern looks so different worked at a snugger gauge and then stretched onto a foot. And odd how the Perth Cardi led to Brookline, which led to this. Have I mentioned how much I love this yarn? Especially after my foray into very expensive hand-dyeds, it's good to remember that there's value to be had out there in this beautiful, classic merino fingering.


  1. It was great to see you (and Brookline) at the Frolic!

  2. Gosh, Elizabeth, Thanks for that flattering shot. Usually I look terrible in photos. I REALLY loved your Brookline. It is gorgeous.