Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wool Socks Weather

As I write this, the sky is growing darker, the wind is colder, and I'm wondering if the seasons are actually moving backward. It feels as if spring has been on hold for weeks, a shock after our non-winter. Yesterday we had hail, sleet, snow, and rain. In his column in the Globe and Mail, John Doyle writes, " Some say this weather is a judgment from on high, a rebuke to the hubris of fools who thought winter had been avoided, just this once." However, on the bright side, it's still wool sock weather, so to celebrate, I'm using my leftover balls of Lanett to make a little pair of matching Brookline socks. Before I get to those, though, here's my completed cardigan ready to wear to the Fibre Frolic.

I'm still deciding what to wear it with. A Ravelry reader asked me if a woman in her forties could get away with wearing this design. My answer: this woman who is about to turn 55 intends to look great in it. I've tried it on with blue jeans and a white T-shirt, also with loose black knit trousers and a black knit tank. Different looks, but terrific (I think) either way.
On to Brookline, the socks. I'm knitting on US #2s and liking the result so far.

Unless we get a break in our non-Spring, I may be wearing these in June!