Friday, May 18, 2012


As I guessed in my last post, the car is for all intents and purposes dead. Steve, the mechanic, was unable to find a cause for the uncontrolled acceleration and, given that our Passat wagon is 13 years old, Bill and I have decided it's time to ditch it. We haven't yet decided what the next step will be (a Honda?), so for the foreseeable future, I'm carless. Strangely, I'm feeling a sense of liberation. It's the same feeling you get when there's a blizzard in January and you're housebound, then suddenly realize that you don't have to rush out to do all those not-so-urgent errands. In fact, I'm far from stranded. If you glance at my post from last year (Carless), you'll see that I live within about 10 minutes of everything.
To enhance my new status, yesterday I acquired new wheels--these, to be precise.

Here's my new toy loaded up with perennials from the City Market. And here are the ostrich ferns in their new location along the side of the house.

Next spring, we'll be able to harvest some fiddleheads.  Those are plume poppies in the foreground.

Here's the front garden, which we planted exactly a year ago. Earlier this week I trimmed back the creeping thyme to make room for the heuchera, hostas, and White Swan echinacea to grow.                                                    
Our little back garden now has a wonderfully relaxing woodland feel, totally appropriate for this weekend's Victoria Day holiday. We had a flyover today by the Snowbirds, as part of the graduation exercises at RMC (the Royal Military College). Very thrilling!

I've cast on for the wine tweed jacket. Have a great holiday weekend!