Thursday, May 3, 2012

Brookline, the Socks, Done!

Our one day of warm weather is now behind us and we're back to our previously scheduled grey, cold, damp, and generally depressing spring weather. When I finished up the second Brookline sock, it was so grey and miserable outside that I pretty much gave up on outdoor photography. So, here's what I managed to shoot indoors.

Ankle and instep detail.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, the knot stitch, while beautiful, might be uncomfortable inside shoes, so I extended it only partially down the instep. The decreases, instead of occurring on a downward diagonal go in the opposite direction to meet at a point on the top of the foot.

The heels needed a bit of reinforcement because the Lanett Babyull doesn't have any nylon, and I thought that the "eye of the partridge" stitch looked more delicate than the standard heel flap slip stitch which creates vertical ridges.

After I do a little housecleaning after lunch, I'll tackle the writing up of the pattern. Should be ready by Saturday.