Friday, May 11, 2012

None of the Above, and Other Random Thoughts

After writing my last post, I launched into knitting up a navy swatch, since I wasn't sure whether I would need to use a US #8 or 9 to get 4 sts to the inch. As I was knitting away, I glanced up now and then at my stash shelves, not really thinking of anything in particular, and in that sort of floating mental state I realized that the yarn I was working with would look really great with some Galway in a kind of heathered green (colour 687 for anyone interested). This is a good argument for getting your stash out of the cupboard and out somewhere visible. So, after I'd knitted enough to measure my gauge in stocking stitch, I did a little garter stitch, changing colours on the wrong side to create broken lines of green amidst the blue.

But wait, I thought, it can get even better if I use the antiqued brass buttons.

The yellow undertones of the brass pick up the undertones in the green and the brown flecks in the navy. And I discovered that a US #8 does the job perfectly.
Yesterday morning I attended a drop spindle workshop organized by the Kingston Spinners and Weavers Guild. Can't believe how much I learned, especially about yarn management and plying. I'm saving that for another post, but here's the little swatch I knitted up this morning from some wool I spun during the breaks in last evening's rehearsal.

See, my handspun is starting to look fairly normal! I didn't feel too weird spinning in my rehearsal breaks since one of the female soloists knitted through hers.

After a couple of hours in the garden, things are coming together. Still too early for annuals other than pansies, though.

My viol trio is set to perform the opener tonight. Wish us good luck (and me a happy birthday).